Recycling & Waste Management

Boltons Brothers Limited is one of Suffolk's largest and best family owned independent recycling and waste management companies. Bolton Bros offers full recycling and waste management services specialising in paper recycling and cardboard recycling.

We recycle a minimum of 95% of all the recycling material collected in our recycling containers.

A full complement of recycling storage containers ranging from 140 litre wheeled recycling containers to 40cu yd compaction recycling containers.

A full recycling collection service is available for all types of paper recycling, cardboard recycling, and other recycling including plastic, wood, metal and any other type of packaging.

Bolton Bros also offer full waste management collection services for all non-recyclable waste for landfill disposal as well as special hazardous waste disposal.

Bolton Bros take care of paper recycling and cardboard recycling across Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex. Bolton Bros has over 40 years of experience in the recycling business and have the expertise you need to take care of your company's recycling and waste management.

Bolton Bros do not outsource services or use sub-contractors for recycling and waste management.

Bolton Bros will also help you to ensure that your company complies with the Duty of Care Regulations and will keep you up to date on any changes in Waste Management Regulations.

Start recycling your waste and reduce the amount you send to landfill, whilst watching your waste disposal cost fall.

euro shred

Confidential shredding service to handle all your destruction needs, from paper to hard disk drives.